Which actor deserves to win an Oscar? From Johnny Depp to Edward Norton, check out who tops the list

Every year the best acting talents are recognised by the Academy Awards and the top performances of the year battle it out to win an Oscar. Over the years, actors like Daniel Day-Lewis, and Anthony Hopkins have managed to win the prestigious honour multiple times for their memorable performances. In the meantime, there are some other actors who have missed out on bagging an Academy Award despite their brilliant performances.

While fans will root for their favourite actors when it comes to choosing a star who deserves to win an Oscar, we decided to check out what Google has to say about the same.

If you search for the term actors who deserve an Oscar on the platform, the result showcases a list of celebrities who are yet to win an Academy Award. The first person on that list happens to be Johnny Depp. The 58-year-old actor who has been nominated thrice at the Oscars is yet to take home the trophy.

The actor received his first Academy nomination for best actor in 2004 for his work in Pirates of the Caribbean. His second best actor nomination was in 2005 for his performance in Finding Neverland. Depp’s third acting nomination at the Oscars was for his role in Tim Burton’s Sweeney: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

After Depp, the second actor who turns up in the search happens to be Edward Norton. The actor has been nominated for three Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor for Primal Fear and Birdman, and Best Actor for American History X but is yet to win one.

Fans of the Fight Club star believe he is among the most deserving actors in the industry who should have won an Oscar till now. The search list also includes actors such as Glenn Close and Jake Gyllenhaal.