Bank Robber Poses As Security Guard, Walks Right in and Steals Over $175,000

The perfect bank robbery took place last week when a man persuaded the staff to hand over more than $175,000 in cash without raising his voice.

The smooth criminal pretended to be a G4S security guard and went to the bank to get some money.

After carrying the boxes of cash out to his vehicle, the bandit made a quick escape – long before anyone had even begun to suspect what he was doing.

According to a report by The Sun, the crime was pulled off last week. A man wearing a security guard uniform, helmet, and visor flashed a fake ID to the staff at the branch.

He claimed to be there to collect six boxes of cash, each containing a whopping £25,000. After the man had left the boxes in his van and failed to return to sign them, the staff realized something wasn’t right.

A quick phone call with G4s confirmed their worst fears, that no pickup had ever been scheduled, and that the ‘guard’ was actually an imposter who had stolen the boxes of cash.

“It’s being called the Noah’s Ark job — because the cash boxes went out two by two,” a source told The Sun. The bank staff should have known that his outfit was not the official G4S uniform.

“He was not actually in G4S uniform. Questions have to be asked,” they said.

Police believe the criminal had the help of a driver who was waiting around the corner to help him spirit the boxes of money away as quickly as possible.

Despite the fact that the robbery happened in broad daylight, there have not yet been any arrests made in connection with the incident.