‘Live Maggots’ Crawled Out Of KFC Bucket, Family Left Horrified

A couple was shocked and disgusted beyond anything when they found the chicken they were about to bite into had maggots crawling out of it all over. The incident left them traumatized enough to never touch anything from KFC again.

Jay Jones is a support worker and was on his way home with his partner Ben Adamson after a long work day. They planned to share a bucket of KFC with Jay’s mom.

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The pair had got themselves the £15.29 six-piece Wicked Variety Bucket and drove home with their takeaway. It didn’t take long for Catherine Thompson, Jay’s mom, to prepare the chicken for the three of them. But their dinner was cut short when the 54-year-old suddenly stopped them from eating because she found live maggots on a hot wing.

Jays proposed that the wing could’ve been misplaced for a long time before it was added to their box. But despite whatever the reason was, she was sure that she’s never getting KFC ever again, at least as a takeaway.

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Jay recalled, “We went to the drive-thru on Sunday night at 10.08 pm. It had been a long day. We had just come back from my partner’s mum’s house so nipped in on the way back. It was a treat and we normally travel to that KFC because it’s normally nice food.”

“We ordered the Wicked Variety Bucket with six pieces to share. Me and my partner were eating and mum was eating it in the other room. She ate one piece and came through to the bedroom where me and Ben were eating.”

And came the shocking news, “She came in and told us to stop eating it because she’d found maggots in her food. We were gagging on our food. We were in shock. There were five live maggots wriggling. She’d eaten a whole piece of chicken, started the other then found the maggots.”

“My partner had the fillets because he doesn’t like chicken on the bone and he’d eaten all four, but I’d just had one piece of chicken. It makes me feel physically sick. I genuinely don’t think I’ll eat another takeaway again.”

KFC shared that their food is “served soon after” they’re cooked and always freshly prepared. The staff are also trained to thoroughly check that the establishment is always in “tip-top condition.”

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Jay continued, “We looked through all the chicken pieces and we couldn’t find anymore. They were just in the one hot wing. I have no idea where they came from. They were only in one piece of chicken, which is very strange. Me and mum had eaten a piece each with no maggots on but she pulled the second one apart and there they were.”

“I’m definitely not saying that the maggots survived getting deep fried. I don’t know if the chicken was left over and it had been stored and put to the back.”

“I don’t know how their process works. With the size of the maggots, they must have been there for some time because they were huge.”

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But their conclusion was the same either way, “I don’t know if the piece of chicken had been left over and just ended up in our bucket. I’ll never go back again.”

The mom remembered that she was eating her third piece of chicken and just as she was about to eat it, she thought she could “see something moving in the chicken left on my plate.” She continued, “When I had a look that’s when I saw the maggots. I spat out the chicken I had in my mouth and I felt physically sick. I will never eat KFC again for as long as I live.”

KFC deep fries their food at 365 degrees so maggots shouldn’t have survived it. This leaves only the possibility of the maggots manifesting after the cooked chicken was left for too long.

The head office has heard from Jay and has not replied back to them after they were sent explanations of the situation. A KFC spokesperson shared, “We’ve not had any similar complaints but the restaurant team have done a thorough check just to be sure and everything is in tip-top condition.”

“We’d always encourage guests to contact our Care Squad if they have any concerns so we can look into it with the restaurant.”