Mia Khalifa Says Selling Body On OnlyFans Is Better Than ‘Selling It to the Army’

Mia said that joining the military is like selling your body.

According to Mia Khalifa, it’s “worse” to “sell your body” by joining the military than to be on OnlyFans.

The 29-year-old former adult star responded to questions about the nature of “selling your body” on the internet content subscription service OnlyFans.

The content creator app is not as harmful as selling your body to the government if you join the army according to Khalifa.

The clip from the interview was posted on the TikTok page and it had more than 277.5k likes.

In the segment, Fumudoh asked: “So we have OnlyFans, and then we have the sex work industry, and then we have like actors. Is there a difference between these industries or are we all fundamentally selling our bodies in some way?”

Khalifa then replied: “Honestly, I think that selling your body, like if we are going by that definition, being in the army is worse than being on OnlyFans. You’re selling your body to the government.” Her statement caused the host to reply: “Wow.”

Many users on the social media platform commented to share their feelings on Khalifa’s statement, with some agreeing with the media personality.

One user wrote: “Mia single-handedly dismantling the concept of war,” while another user commented: “She not wrong.”

A third user stated: “The amount of people who only join the military for the benefits coupled with the amount the gov spends. it was never about protecting your country.”

A fourth user said: “I’ve been saying this for years… Thank you, Mia. Also…construction workers…We have all been commodified.”

Other users thought that she was being disrespectful to the military.
One user commented: “At least in the army you do something to society.”

Another wrote: “How is that ‘selling their body’? Lmfao did a Cashier sell their body to McDonald’s? Does a pilot sell their body to delta? Mental gymnastics.”

A third said: “One profession is more honorable than the other. [The] military is defending your country and civilians.”

In the same interview, she said that she makes around $10,000 per day from Onlyfans, compared to the $12,000 she made during her three-month career in the adult entertainment industry.

While the subscription site is mostly used to share explicit content, Khalifa’s profile reads that hers is: It’s safe for work but spicy.

According to Unilad, after launching her account, she said: “I am finally growing into my self-confidence in who I am and the decisions I make for me, and this is my way of being myself outside the perimeters of conventional social media.”

“Even though I will not be creating nude content, I am going to be treating this page like my Instagram without [the] terms of service,” she continued.

Khalifa added: “I want to take my power back and just post what I want and what makes me feel good, and I’m just so thankful that y’all are along for this wild ride.”