Michael Jackson Almost Played This Role In An ‘X-Men’ Movie [DETAILS]

Michael Jackson attempted to branch out from singing and dancing by applying for a major film role. After all, he was a major movie buff. Throughout his career, the “Billie Jean” hitmaker desired to be engaged in many ventures in Hollywood.

He also appeared in three of his music video short films, “Bad,” “Thriller,” and “Ghost.” The award-winning actor even appeared as Agent M in the 2002 film”Men In Black II.” Michael Jackson, on the other hand, was not satisfied with simply a cameo and appearing in his films. He had his sights set on another role.

In reality, he wanted to be in the 2000 film “X-Men.” Director Bryan Singer stated that at the time, he was arranging auditions for the Marvel comic book movie adaption, which was regarded one of the first big-budget comic book movies. As a result, it was a major thing.

Bryan and many other producers for the future film were purportedly working on the project when Michael allegedly strolled through their office door. He, on the other hand, refused to shake hands with anyone he encountered.

Michael Jackson then went into his pitch to portray the “X-Men” leader, saying that he wished to audition for the role of Professor Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X. His offer to portray the character apparently stunned the film’s producers for a variety of reasons.

Why Michael Jackson Was NOT Hired For ‘X-Men’

According to the UK Express, Michael had never worked on a big-budget Hollywood film before, therefore he lacked expertise. The most serious issue was that Professor X was an older, white guy.

According to Lauren Shuler Donner, one of the film’s producers, “I stated to him: ‘Do you realize Xavier is an elderly white guy?'” The “”Oh yes,” said the “Change the World” hitmaker. You should know that I can put on makeup.”

Following the conversation, Michael Jackson embarked into a “elaborate presentation” in which he attempted to persuade the film’s producers that he was the ideal Professor X. He featured his short film “Ghost,”in which he played a 60-something white mayor and local magician, in his presentation.

Unfortunately, according to many accounts, Michael was not “seriously considered” for the job. According to a former “X-Men” executive, Michael was already in the midst of the allegations claims when he auditioned. The allegations against him, in which he was accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old kid, played a role in Fox’s decision not to select him for the role.

Later, Patrick Stewart took up the job.