Michael Jackson’s Son Prince, 22, Celebrates His Graduation By Sharing Some Unseen Family Photos -video

Prince Jackson is now a graduate. On Saturday, Michael Jackson’s son graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and his cousin TJ Jackson congratulated him on the achievement. ‘Prince it’s been a long trip, but you made it,’ TJ stated in a tweet with a photo of him and Prince.

‘Never stop learning, growing, and giving back!’ I’m so proud of you. I’m in love with you. #congratulations #proudcousin #graduation

On the big day, the Encino, California native wore a blue hat and gown as he received his bachelor’s degree in business administration. Following his graduation from the Buckley School, which Kim Kardashian had previously attended, Prince enrolled in the institution in 2015.

Prince sat in the audience with pals, showed off his class ring, and commented that it was an h-ot day on the Sunken Garden at the University of Southern California, which is in the Marina Del Rey region, in a series of Instagram Stories videos.

Prince, the older brother of Paris, 21, and Blanket, 17, subsequently tweeted a video of himself removing his cap and gown and preparing to leave while riding his motorbike. Prince, who was only 12-years-old when his renowned father left on June 25, 2009, stated, ‘For those of you asking – yes, I did ride my motorbike to my gradation.’ Debbie Rowe, Prince’s birth mother, handed up to her rights to Prince and Paris in 2001.)

Prince also shared an incident about how he bought a coffee mug three years ago that stated, ‘Loyola Marymount University Alumni.’ Before taking his first cup of coffee, he added, ‘I can finally take my first sip of coffee out of that and genuinely be a Loyola alum.’

Prince told the Los Angeles Times in 2016 that he wanted to work in his family’s music industry, but not necessarily as a performer. ‘Music plays an important role in my life,’ he remarked. ‘Because of my family, it impacted who I am, but I’ve always wanted to work in production.’ ‘When my father asked me what I wanted to do, I always said producing and directing.’


Alison – Michael would be very proud of all three of his children. Michael was an incredible father he raised them right he did all he could to protect them from the public eye. God bless those children and Michael we love you more

Lori Denham – I love the color of their eyes. They are so dark ,so pretty like Micheal’s.All these kids are driven.I knew Prince had potential even as a small child he was so smart playing chess with MJ.

Melissa – Awesome Jackson Brothers!! I will bet Michael’s smiling down on his Sons Prince and Bigi!! Paris is so beautiful too!! My Heart and prayers go out to these wonderful children that lost their Father way to soon!!! Love and prayers to you guys!!

kevin – Your dad would be so proud to know his son graduated from college. You are amazing Mr. Prince Jackson. Hope to hear more from you..God Bless you and your future pursuits.

Joe – Gorgeous boys an absolute credit to their wonderful father…pity you don’t support their father throughout this debacle of LN lies! US medias gone mute but WE haven’t!