Naomi Judd: Autopsy confirms the singer’s cause of death

In April 2022, fans were shocked by the tragic death of Naomi Judd. Naomi’s daughters (Wynonna Judd and actress Ashley Judd) claimed, she died because of her mental illness. However, the Naomi Judd autopsy confirms that the singer, 76 died due to suicide.

Naomi Judd autopsy

The autopsy report of the singer Naomi Judd was brought to attention on Friday by The Associated Press which confirmed Judd, 76, shot herself with a gun on the 30th of April 30 at her own home in Tennessee.

Here is the official statement by the family after the tragic incident, “We have always shared openly both the joys of being family as well its sorrows, too. One part of our story is that our matriarch was dogged by an unfair foe. She was treated for PTSD and bipolar disorder, to which millions of Americans can relate.”

The autopsy which is a public record in Tennessee also revealed that Judd had been consuming a number of prescription drugs that are primarily prescribed to treat post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder.

Naomi Judd was a renowned American singer and actress. Famous for her country music act duo with her daughter Wynonna called The Judds, she has won several hearts. Over the span of her career, she has won five Grammy Awards and nine Country Music Association awards. However, she has struggled with mental illnesses all her life.

Reports reveal that Judd was found seriously wounded by her daughter, along with a gun and “A note with suicidal connotations” nearby. She was immediately brought to a hospital south of Nashville and was soon pronounced dead. Naomi Judd death was definitely tragic, she died right a day before she and her daughter Wynonna Judd were invited to the Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame.