O’Reilly Auto Parts Employee SHOOTS Customer After Trash Talking

A Dayton, Ohio O’Reilly Auto Parts employee seen in a viral video on the losing end of a f!g’ht with a customer has now been @rr’ested after she turned the tables and s’h’0’t the woman @ss’@u’lting her.

Ke’Laron Watson, (Dayton police m’u’g”s’h’ot)

The auto parts store employee is seen in a $h’oc’king video f!r!ng off a [email protected]’on on a customer after the two engaged in a f!st f!g’ht, WHIOTV 7 reports.

The employee later identified as 31-year-old Ke’Laron Watson is facing ch’@r’ges, according to police after cops responded to the brawl at the O’Reilly Auto Parts store in W. Third Street in Dayton Thursday evening.

(NOTE: The video misidentifies the event saying that it was Dollar General but it occurred at the auto parts store.)

The two women can be seen in a [email protected] argument that escalated into a f!ght, with the customer seemingly getting the upper hand on the situation and pummeling the employee, repeatedly h!t’t!ng her.

Once Watson gained her f00ting, she can be seen on the video going behind the counter, retrieving a we’@pon and f!r!ng off on the irate customer who fell to the floor.

According to reports, That woman was taken to Miami Valley Hospital, treated, and released, according to a Miami Valley Hospital spokesperson.

Watson reportedly admitted to s’h’00’ti’ng the v!ct!m and explained that she tried to assist the woman with finding a car part “when she became upset and thr’[email protected]’te’ned her.”

She said the woman, “beat her about the head with her f!sts,” according to court documents.

Watson claimed the f!r’ed in self-defense because she [email protected] the woman was coming back for another @tt’@ck.

“She put her hands on me and she pulled my hair out and everything else. And while she was be’@t!ng on me, I s’h’0’t her,” Watson said according to a 911 called obtained through a public records request.

Customers who witnessed the ordeal was left confused.

“I don’t know, I’m glad I am not in that situation where I have to chose to defend myself and s’h’00’t somebody,” Enoch Bush, Jr., of Dayton, said. “I don’t want to be in that position.”

Watson is facing two counts of @[email protected]@ted @ss’@u’lt and one count of felonious @ss’@ult and is scheduled to appear in court next on July 15.

Source & Credit: blackenterprise.com