Deaf Baby Hears Her Mother’s Voice for the First Time, Touching Moment

A woman decided to share a very intimate moment between her and her baby online. The clip features her deaf baby as she hears her voice for the first time. The child’s emotional reaction touched many hearts.

Posted on TikTok this month, a mother’s encounter with her baby has brought tears to the eyes of many netizens. With over 900 thousand views, the video featured the baby’s reaction to hearing her mother’s voice for the very first time.

The mother, Christina, was hesitant to share the video and expressed that she debated whether she should post it or not. Eventually, she decided to go ahead because she wanted to raise awareness about hearing aids and being deaf.

@Christina_pax held her baby in her arms as the little one responded to her voice. The baby girl was wearing a hearing aid, and the device allowed her to experience a whole new world. Her mother was quick to put out a disclaimer.

The woman shared: “Hearing aids are not some magical ‘fix’ for deaf people. Deaf people don’t need to be fixed.” She shared that the tool allowed her daughter to hear and facilitated a great moment for them and their family.

In the video, the mother and daughter’s wholesome interaction was one of a kind and showed the baby’s face light up as she heard her mom speaking. The woman said “hello” to her child and told the baby she knew it was “weird.”

Afterward, she asked her little one: “Is it funny? Yeh, it is funny.” The proud mother also used the opportunity to tell her daughter that she loved her. The precious encounter pulled on the heartstrings of many netizens.

Users adored the baby’s reaction, and one commenter wrote: “The intense way she’s taking it in and soaking you in. She is both happy and overwhelmed.” Another noticed the tears in the baby’s eyes.

Someone else stated: “Oh my goodness!!! Thank you for sharing such a special moment in your family’s life.” It was undoubtedly a life-changing moment for them. Netizens also applauded the mother for her choice of terminology.

People were glad she viewed the hearing aid as a “tool” and not a “corrective measure.” Her clip showed many that hearing aids are a fantastic way for deaf people to hear, but they are not fixing a problem.

As highlighted by many users, hearing aids are merely enhancing deaf people’s way of life. For this mother and daughter, the tool allowed them to connect in a new way, and it is something they will treasure and remember forever.

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