Truth About Johnny Depp Remuneration For Pirates of The Caribbean Comeback

For some months, Johnny Depp has been in the headlines. The actor just won a six-week defamation battle against his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Domestic abuse claims caused the actor to lose numerous projects in his acting career, including the film series Pirates of the Caribbean. While there are many rumors swirling around that Johnny Depp will be back to the franchise.

After Amber made some severe and disturbing charges against Depp, the production studio banned him from the series and other Disney productions.

Since his exit from Disney, Johnny Depp has been seen wearing several headbands, one of which was a black polka dot. But seeing him wear the same bandanna as his on-screen persona, Jack Sparrow, has piqued the fans’ interest.

While there is no proof, his choice of headwear has raised many eyebrows and had his admirers wondering about his possible reconciliation with Disney and return to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’

According to many reports, Disney is trying to bring Johnny Depp back and has given him an apology letter. Furthermore, the film studio allegedly offered the actor Rs 2535 crore to reprise his role as the legendary figure.

Following the apology and offer, Johnny Depp’s admirers are excited to see him reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. However, the actor has yet to offer an update on the contract.

However, Depp’s representatives  were quick to dismiss the report that Disney offered a huge amount as “false.”