Vintage Point: Hollywood icons Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, in their 30s, sharing a laugh is movie history gold

Whether you’re a Hollywood aficionado or the absolute opposite, it’s almost impossible for you not to have heard of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt! The two Hollywood icons have been global superstars for decades past and continue the momentum, ruling even in 2022, if their recent hits Top Gun: Maverick and Bullet Train are any indications. In this week’s Vintage Point, Pinkvilla travels back to 1998, four years after the release of Interview with the Vampire (the only film starring both Cruise and Pitt)…

We got our hands on a crackling candid snap of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise – alongside the latter’s then-wife Nicole Kidman – sharing a laugh at Artists Rights Foundation’s – a foundation to protect the rights of filmmakers – black-tie tribute dinner held at Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. At the Hollywood event, Cruise was bestowed with the 1998 John Huston Award for Artists Rights. In the photo, we see the two gorgeous as hell actors in their mid-30s, dressed to the nines in black suits and crisp white shirts.

The difference in their attires comes with Oscar-nominated Cruise’s neatly parted hairstyle and silver tie while Oscar winner Pitt rocks a more gelled-up messy hairdo with a black tie and orange-tinted sunglasses. Nicole Kidman looks gorgeous as ever in an ethereal white gown with floral silver embellishments and a diamond choker in tow while her brunette locks are styled in wild curls.

Getty Images described the photo: “Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman & Brad Pitt during Artists Rights Foundation Honors Tom Cruise with 1998 John Huston Award at Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, United States. (Photo by SGranitz/WireImage)”

Handsomeness never looked so good!

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