X-Men: Henry Cavill as Wolverine image revealed? – See Here

MCU fans would love to see the X-Men’s Wolverine show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and this image of Henry Cavill emphasizes why.

Henry Cavill is a larger-than-life performer and he will always be associated with a multitude larger-than-life roles. The British actor has portrayed Superman in four DCEU movies, Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher, Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes and he is now also set to star in a reboot of Highlander.

But will we ever see the Hollywood superstar join the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Kevin Feige’s shared universe of superheroes seems like a place that many A-Listers are destined to appear in at some point or another throughout their careers. And as his memorable performance as Superman in multiple DC films indicates, Cavill has the screen presence for such a role.

Speaking of which, one character fans would love to see make his way to the MCU is Logan himself – a.k.a. the Wolverine. With the mutants now seeming like a more realistic possibility in the MCU, Wolverine’s arrival could be imminent. Now that is a character that Cavill could nail, right? Why not give him the chance to show us a more ferocious side to superheroing?

It turns out, actually, that this is a pretty popular idea among fans, spawning some insanely good fanart in the process.

See Henry Cavill become Wolverine in X-Men fanart

This incredible piece of artwork from digital artist ApexForm (H/T: Heroic Hollywood) gives fans a glimpse of what Henry Cavill could look like if he were to play the role of Wolverine.

The stunning image features Cavill’s hero boasting a Terminator-like wound, revealing metal underneath his flesh. The most striking feature? Well that is, of course, the character’s signature claws which reach across most of the image and really add to the idea of how great Cavill would look boasting them.

Is Henry Cavill playing Wolverine in the MCU?
The X-Men are one of the two major aspects of Marvel Comics not yet to make their presence felt in the MCU (the other one being the Fantastic Four) but Disney’s recent acquisition of Fox – who previously held the movie rights to the characters – has made their MCU debut inevitable. And with the confirmation that Fantastic Four is on the horizon, we can only imagine that the X-Men will make their presences felt sooner rather than later. In fact, one of Marvel’s recent releases may have just confirmed this (spoilers here).

There have been some rumors of an X-Men movie and a separate Wolverine series on Disney Plus but nothing has been confirmed by the studio in regards to the debut of the X-Men as of yet.

There has also been no confirmation as to who will play Wolverine simply because the role hasn’t been cast yet. Needless to say, Cavill would be a great pick for the character if and when he does show up.